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A little bit About me

Welcome to my Practice.


I am thrilled to share the incredible news that I have recently participated in the highly esteemed European Massage Championship. I am proud to announce that I have been awarded the GOLD MEDAL in  Spa and Wellness category. Furthermore, I am humbled and honoured to have emerged as the OVERALL WINNER of the entire competition, earning the prestigious title of

EUROPEAN CHAMPION for the year 2023.

I also won an EXCELLENCE AWARD for outstanding performance and dedication to Holistic Massage Therapies in 2022.

I am truly grateful for this recognition and remain committed to providing exceptional massage experiences to my valued clients.


As a holistic therapist, I have dedicated my life to pursuing my passion for healthcare. From a young age, I had always been drawn to the medical field, but it wasn’t until I discovered massage therapy that I found my true calling. I never expected to gain such an extensive and transformative understanding of this discipline, and my experiences have allowed me to flourish into a compassionate therapist. My clients have taught me so much, and I am grateful for the opportunity to assist them in their journeys towards wellness.

Recently, I have felt an innate connection to holistic healing therapies, and I am fascinated by their natural and integrated approach to healing. I am excited to share my knowledge and work with you to help you achieve your goals.

I am a professionally trained Sports Therapist, Beauty Therapist and Thai Yoga Practitioner. 

I am a member of Sports Therapy Organisation and Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. Since I finished my education, I continue to further my knowledge and skills by attending on courses to ensure that the latest and most effective treatments are available for my clients.

Success to me is seeing my client’s progress physically and mentally.

Thank you for choosing me as your therapist. I look forward to helping you on your path towards health and wellbeing.

My Achievements