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sound healing
Hello to all you beautiful people ☺…
My name is Kate, and I am reaching out to you with a heart full of gratitude and a dream that’s been nurtured over a decade. 
Ten years ago, I arrived in the UK with a suitcase full of dreams and determination. Through hard work, passion, and endless dedication, I built my own massage business from the ground up. This would not have been possible without the loyalty and trust that I have received from my clients.
Over time, I have completed various courses to refine my skills and become the best therapist I could be. The challenges posed by the pandemic hit my business hard, (I’m not going to lie, I almost quit), but my spirit remained strong.
2023, my dedication reached new heights as I proudly received the title of European Massage Champion. To say I was shocked, it was an understatement. I mean I’m only 5 feet with tiny hands. But it was a dream come true.
However, the path to success is not without its hurdles. Despite what I have accomplished, the money is short, and the bills keep piling up. I now currently work six days a week, pouring my heart and soul into each massage session.
I would, however, love to expand my knowledge and understanding even further to provide the best possible services to my clients including becoming a Sound Healer.
In order to offer such amazing high-quality services though, that not only focuses on the body but also the soul and mind – I am humbly asking for your support to raise funds for further training dedicated purely to my business. These funds will be invested in a specialised course and instruments essential for my journey into the world of sound healing.
Your support not only helps financially but also shows confidence in a dream that has faced challenges and come out stronger each time.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for being a part of this journey. Your kindness will also be reciprocated as I’d like to offer exclusive offers to anyone who is willing to support me in this journey.

Together, we’ll make a positive impact on the lives touched by the power of healing.
With heartfelt thanks, Kate